The following Horses Welcome accredited accommodation providers are all close to or directly on the Hawick Circular Riding Route, and are ideally placed either as your starting point or for overnights stops on the Buccleuch Rides.  Depending which you choose, you can vary how far you ride each day.

Townhead of Cavers is on the south-east side of Hawick at Cavers.  Contact Cicely Thorne tel. 01450 373845 or 07796 440077.  Cicely is also a qualified saddle fitter so you could use the opportunity to sort out saddle fitting issues during your stay.

Wiltonburn Farm is just west of Hawick and offers farmhouse B&B, stabling and grazing. Wiltonburn is directly on the Hawick Riding Route, at the eastern end of the Romans and Reivers Route, and the southern end of the Cross Borders Drove Road. Contact Sheila Shell tel. 01450 372414. www.wiltonburnfarm.co.uk

Woodside is at East Boonraw, north of Hawick, on the Cross Borders Drove Road – contact Caryl Thompson tel. 01450 363982.