Tips for Riders

We want you and your horse to have as enjoyable an experience as possible exploring the South of Scotland, and have done what we can to develop and sign routes which we think you will enjoy.  The risks of enjoying SOSCT on horseback are low, but all riders know that unpredictable things can happen, so we would strongly advise you to plan your route and organise yourself carefully in advance. Remember you are responsible for yourself and your horse!  The following handy hints may also provide a useful checklist.

  • Route descriptions available on the "Where to Ride" section include details of the nearest facilities and shops but there are very few directly on the routes, so make sure you think about food and water before you set off!
  • Check the weather forecast before you set out.  If the forecast is bad, you might opt for a lower or shorter route.
  • Look carefully at your map before you set out and have a fall-back plan in case of any problems.
  • Take note of key features as you ride along so you always know where you are on your map and where you might find the nearest help in case of emergency.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back.  Make sure you tell them when you have safely finished your ride!
  • Carry a list of emergency contacts for the area in which you are riding.
  • All riders are advised to have third party liability insurance (BHS gold membership automatically includes this). It is up to you whether you choose to insure yourself and/or your horse against other risks.
  • Check your tack and horses' shoes before you set off.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!