Riding responsibly

South of Scotland Countryside Trails were developed with the co-operation and support of many different landowners, farmers and land managers.  The routes are promoted and managed for walking as well as horse-riding, and some routes are also suitable for off-road cycling, but the right of access on all of these routes, as elsewhere in Scotland, depends on everyone accepting individual responsibility for themselves, their horse, and their own actions.  For a copy of BHSS’ leaflet on riding responsibly, click here.

  • Follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (www.outdooraccess-scotland.com).
  • Respect the privacy, safety and livelihoods of those living or working in the countryside, and others enjoying the outdoors.
  • Respect others enjoying the outdoors and always pass pedestrians at a walk – remember that some people are nervous of horses. Take particular care on narrow paths and those used by people in wheelchairs or with pushchairs.
  • Look after the places you visit and routes you enjoy: take only memories, leave only hoofprints.
  • Ride slowly past all livestock and leave gates as you find them.
  • Always remove litter and dung from parking areas and avoid blocking others who might want to use the same parking area. It is always advisable to turn your trailer/box when you arrive in case the car park fills up while you are out riding.
  • Do not jump hedges, gates, stacks of timber or use other people’s land for repetitive schooling without their permission.
  • Avoid riding or cycling grassy paths or unsurfaced high hill routes during wet weather when the surface is easily chewed up.
  • Leave your dog at home, or have it under very close control, particularly near livestock.
  • Take particular care to avoid disturbing livestock and to leave all gates as you find them.