Harperrig to West Linton

The path from Little Vantage, and through from Harperrig Reservoir, to the regional boundary at the top of the Pentlands is unsurfaced but is well signed and clearly identifiable on the ground.  Over the last few years Friends of the Pentlands volunteers have devoted considerable time and resources to improving this section of path, including laying wooden sleepers across the boggiest bits.  These are easily negotiated on foot, and by native ponies, but may not suit some riders.  If in doubt, join the route at West Linton.  Please note that some short sections between the A70 and Cauldstane Slap can still be boggy during or after wet weather, at which times riders should refrain from using this section of route to avoid causing any damage.

At the Cauldstane Slap, at the top of the pass over the Pentlands, look out for the original wrought iron sign put up during Victorian times pointing to the railway stations at West Linton and Kirknewton.  In the 1880s and 90s, people from Edinburgh used to get a train to one of these stations on a Sunday, walk over the Cauldstane Slap, and then catch a train back the other end.

Beyond the gate in the march fence at the regional boundary, the path gradually broadens out from a narrow beaten earth path to a wider track.  With the help of Heritage Lottery and European funding, considerable capital was invested improving this next section of route by installing culvert pipes to provide safe crossing of difficult cleughs, and sorting out drainage problems.  Baddinsgill Estate have also invested significant resources into improving drainage on the track they maintain for shooting purposes.  Please respect the commercial management for game and farming by keeping dogs under close control along here.

From Baddinsgill Reservoir, the route splits for the next few miles, and you can take your pick whether you fancy the most direct route down the tarmac drive which leads straight ahead to West Linton, or the more picturesque route which branches off the tarmac road immediately south of Baddinsgill House, around the western flanks of Faw Mount, through the old handling pens at Tocher Knowe to Stonypath farm.

When you reach the old Roman road, turn right to link back into the old drove road.  The choice is yours as to whether you follow the Roman road past Lynedale House and over the Lyne Water to hit the tarmac again just before the golf club house, or whether you fork left on the track which leads down to West Linton village.

Whichever track you have chosen to follow, take care crossing the A702.  The 30 mph speed limit through West Linton is well signed, but not everyone chooses to respect it.  The route continues south-east down the B7059, through the village of West Linton where there are shops and a cafe.