Planning your visit

SOSCT differs from many other promoted riding or walking routes in that it is a network or spiderweb of linking routes, rather than a single linear or circular route.   SOSCT includes routes to suit riders and walkers of all ages and abilities, and to suit different tastes.

The Where to Ride section includes details of individual routes, and routes within different geographic areas if you are looking for a route in a specific part of the South of Scotland.

If you don't know the area already, there are so many routes to choose from that sometimes it can be hard deciding where to start.

  • Decide how long you want to walk or ride for.  The suggested half, full-day and multi-day routes will give you some ideas of possible routes.
  • If you’ve never ridden away from home with your horse before, how about trying a half or single day ride to start off with, or book you and your horse somewhere to stay which has a variety of routes nearby.

Rides by Duration

How long will it take?

The route descriptions on the Where to Ride section will give you some idea how long it might take to ride each route, but it will depend on how fit you and your horse are, how fast you go, how often you stop for a picnic, to look at your map, take pictures, etc.  Allow yourself time to enjoy the spectacular scenery, and to stop for a rest.

How far can I go in a day?

Basically it’s up to you.  15-20 miles is the average most riders expect to cover in a day on trail rides, but it depends on terrain and the distance between suitable accommodation.

Where to stay

The Where to Stay section of this website includes details of horse and rider accommodation close to the routes.